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from Posing Productions

Posing Productions is a leading producer of rock climbing and adventure films producing a string of award winning climbing films: ON SIGHT, THE ASGARD PROJECT, PSYCHE II, MOONFLOWER, AUTANA, THE LAST GREAT CLIMB, THE BRIT ROCK FILM TOUR as well as our latest CITADEL. Our mantra is to breathe creativity and humour into the spectacular and adventurous mixing the epic with the personal. Popular with online streaming the films have also been broadcast on National Geographic US, Discovery and featured in Red Bull's world-wide Ultimate Rush series.

Boxless Set - The Last Great Climb, Autana and The Asgard Project

Boxless set of the multi-award winning adventure trilogy from Posing Productions. Featuring Leo Houlding and team on three amazing adventures spanning the Arctic to Antarctica via the depths of the Amazon jungle; 'The...
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Download the Brit Rock Film Tour in stunning HD - superior quality to the standard def version you see on dvd. Total running time: 100mins Format: Quicktime .mp4 file encoded with H.264 codec. Resolution: 1080p File Size: 3.5GB (zipped folder of 4 X mp4's).

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